O-Team Zafira adlı konsept model, efsane diziye atıfta bulunuyor.

1980’lerin popüler televizyon dizisi A-Takımı’nı hatırlayanlarınız var mı? Peki ya dizinin merkezinde yer alan iki tonlu gövde rengine ve kırmızı renkli tavan spoylerine sahip 1983 GMC Vandura’yı? Eh, sizi bilmiyoruz ama Opel’in A-Takımı’nı unutmadığı kesin. Efsane diziye atıfta bulunan üretici, O-Team Zafira Life konseptini tanıttı.

Alman menşeli aracın, teknik anlamda orijinal Vandura ile ortak noktası olmasa da gövde tasarımı bakımından fazlaca benzerliği bulunuyor. İki tonlu gövde rengine sahip araç, tıpkı Vandura gibi tavana monte bir spoyler ile geliyor. Konseptte, siyah ve gri renkli gövdenin yerini beyaz, lacivert ve neon yeşil renkler alıyor.

Galeri: Opel Zafira Life O-Team 2019

20 inçlik BBS jantlara sahip minibüs, güncellenmiş havalı süspansiyon ile sunuluyor. Durma işlemini Brembo frenlerle gerçekleştiren araç, sekiz ileri otomatik şanzımanla birlikte çalışan 2.0 litrelik bir dizel motorla geliyor. Opel, motorun sesinin bir V8’i andırması için ekstra hoparlörlere yer verdiğini belirtiyor.

Bu arada ilginç bir detaydan da bahsedelim. Şöyle ki, A-Takımı’nın kullandığı aracın kaputunun altındaki 5.7 litrelik V8 motor yalnızca 162 beygir güç ve 339 Nm tork üretirken, Opel’in neredeyse üç kat daha küçük motoru 176 bg ve 400 Nm tork üretiyor. Bu da otomotivde teknolojinin gelişimini gözler önüne seriyor.

Opel’in konsept modeli üretime geçirme planı bulunmuyor.

Kaynak: Opel


Rüsselsheim/Oschersleben.  Tens of thousands of Opel fans will once again descend on Oschersleben this weekend to celebrate the iconic Rüsselsheim brand. In addition to beautiful vintage cars and the 120 Years special models, Opel will also present a very special vehicle: the Opel Zafira Life, the fourth generation of the flexible multi-purpose van, will make its German premiere in the Motorsport Arena Oschersleben. But that’s not all. Opel will also bring another version to the racetrack, which has even more to offer: the “O-Team Zafira Life” concept car. As the name suggests, the car is inspired by the van that transported the crew in the cult US TV action and adventure series of the 1980s.

The “O-Team Zafira Life” – the “O”, of course, stands for Opel – rivals the TV-original in every way: it features big wheels, the front bars and the big aerofoil, while the special colour scheme is bright neon-yellow instead of red. The “O-Team Zafira Life” also makes an acoustic statement: the roaring V8 sound leaves no doubt about this car’s confident attitude. The fans of the iconic brand are likely to be just as enthusiastic as the fans of the TV series.

Spectacular “action” in design, interior layout and technology

The team from Opel Special Vehicles, that usually builds promotional vehicles and show cars, selected the six-seat Zafira Life “medium” with long wheelbase and full equipment as the basis for the “O” version. Its powerful 2.0-litre diesel engine delivers 130kw (177hp) and 400 Nm maximum torque (NEDC fuel consumption1: urban 6.5-6.2 l/100 km, extra-urban 5.4-5.0 l/100 km, combined 5.8-5.4 l/100 km, 151-143 g/km CO2; WLTP fuel consumption2: combined 8.1-7.0 l/100 km, 213-183 g/km CO2). The power is transmitted to the front wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission, guaranteeing lots of driving fun! The exterior colour scheme of dark blue, white and neon-yellow (which also sets the tone for the interior) is derived from the much-acclaimed Opel GT X Experimental. The spectacular appearance is rounded off by the matching window decals, the unique, specially made roof spoiler, the front bars and the side-sill extensions.

The sound of the “O Team Zafira Life” is really spine-tingling, as the technical team has built in a sound module with the vocal chords of a V8 petrol engine. A tailpipe in OPC-design was also added underneath the vehicle. An additional amplifier and high-performance loudspeakers transform the interior into a concert hall with 800 watts of system power.

In the action sequences of the TV series, the tough team mastered even the most spectacular stunts and jumps with their vehicle. Of course, the chassis of the “O-Team Zafira Life” concept vehicle is also designed to handle difficult jobs with maximum precision and at top speed: lowered bodywork, air suspension (can be lowered to parking position via remote control), four-piston brakes with 380-millimetre discs in front and 20-inch light-alloy wheels from BBS plus Michelin Cup 2 tyres ensure that the crew has perfect control and optimum traction when on the road.

Thanks to the high-quality interior of Rüsselsheim’s “O-Team Zafira Life”, passengers are relaxed when they arrive at the scene of action: driver and co-driver enjoy the unmistakable performance sports seats from the Insignia GSi(NEDC fuel consumption Opel Insignia GSi 2.0 BiTurbo Diesel with 154 kW/210 hp and eight-speed automatic transmission1: urban 9.6 l/100 km, extra-urban 5.6 l/100 km, combined 7.1 l/100 km, 187-186 g/km CO2; WLTP fuel consumption2: combined 7.8-7.4 l/100 km, 204-193 g/km CO2), in both the second and third rows the crew members will find two rotating “Captain's Chairs”, all upholstered in fine leather and Alcantara.

As spectacular as the show talent of the “O-Team Zafira Life” is – it is not just a show car. All technical changes have been approved by TÜV – so it's quite possible that more “O-Team“ versions will soon be on Germany’s roads. What is certain is that at the sight of this modern version, the boss of the TV series team would light up a big cigar and say: “I love it when a plan comes together“.