Mercedes-Benz, New York Otomobil Fuarı'na oldukça hazırlıklı geldi. Yavaş yavaş elektrikli model gamını oluşturmaya başlayan Alman üretici, EQ ailesinin ilk modeli EQC'yi daha önce tanıtmıştı. Fakat New York'a gelen otomobilde çok daha özel bir şey var...

EQC Edition 1886 adı verilen bu model, standart modeli ile kendisini birbirinden ayıran özel dokunuşlara sahip. Izgarasında siyah detaylara sahip olan model, parlak siyah lipler ile donatılmış. 20 inçlik jantlarda da kendini gösteren siyah temasına, çamurlukların üzerindeki 1886 logoları eşlik ediyor. Kabininin içerisinde yeni tasarım koltuklara sahip olan aracın kafalıklarındaki Edition 1886 dikişleri de siyah ve mavi renk seçenekleri ile geliyor. Orta konsolda da bulunan ibareler, aracın gümüş rengini tamamlayıcı özellikler gösteriyor.

Galeri: Mercedes-Benz EQC Edition 1886

EQC Edition 1886 mekanik açından standart modelden farklı olmayacak. Bir çift elektrik motoru sayesinde 4 tekerine de güç sağlayan araç 410 beygir gücü üretebilecek. 80 kWh'lık lityum iyon baterisi ile 471 kilometre menzile sahip olacak araç, 110 kW'lık hızlı şarj kabloları ile şarj edilebilecek. Aracın adı ise ilk resmi üretim aracı olan 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen'dan geliyor.

Daimler yönetim kurulundan Britta Seeger: "EQC, Mercedes-Benz'in EQ portföyünün öncüsü olacak. Pazara resmi çıkışında satışta olacak EQC Edition 1886, ilk otomobilin icadı ve Mercedes'in öncü ruhunun hatırlatıcısı olacak."

Standart EQC Haziran ayında Avrupa pazarına giriş yapacak. Edition 1886 versiyonu ise aracın ilk gününden itibaren satışta olacak.

Kaynak: Mercedes-Benz



EQC Edition 1886
Modern mobility that goes beyond the vehicle itself

Stuttgart. A special car for a special moment: a limited special edition EQC Edition 1886 marks the resolute entry of Mercedes-Benz into the era of electric mobility. With the EQC Edition 1886, the brand with the star is emphasizing that its idea of future mobility goes well beyond vehicles themselves. The EQC Edition 1886 therefore combines an extensive range of optional extras with customer-friendly services related to electric mobility. The Edition model celebrates its world premiere at the New York International Auto Show.

"The EQC is the pioneer of our future Mercedes-Benz EQ portfolio. For market launch, the EQC Edition 1886 serves as a reminder of the invention of the first automobile and we are emphasizing the pioneering spirit that sustains and characterizes us today more than ever. Back then, we were the ones to first revolutionize individual mobility. The EQC now once again marks a new era. An era in which electric mobility is reliable, simple and at the same time exciting," says Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for Mercedes-Benz Cars Sales. "The EQC Edition 1886 not only stands for progressive design, exciting driving dynamics and a range more than suitable to daily needs, it also stands for intelligent additional services that anticipate and fulfill the driver's needs. Long-term, worry-free vehicle use is the focus here."

Exclusive appeal, high-quality looks
Carefully coordinated elements on the exterior and interior are among the optional extras for the EQC Edition 1886. The black panel radiator grille with louvres and edging in high-gloss black ensure a particularly exclusive character on the exterior. The EQC Edition 1886 is available exclusively in metallic high-tech silver. Further individual features include the high-gloss
black badge with blue "1886" lettering on the fenders and the 10-spoke 20-inch
light alloy wheels in high-gloss black with white decorative elements.

The exclusive appeal continues in the interior with the new seat designs with
upholstery in MB-Tex / DINAMICA microfiber in Indigo Blue and Black.
Special EQC Edition 1886 lettering is embroidered into the seat backrests and
center console. This level of detail is also evident in the specific trim elements
in a silver matrix look as well as the floor mats with the "EQC" embroidery.

ENERGIZING Package ensures individual feel-good atmosphere
The EQC Edition 1886 also has outstanding driver assistance systems for the
highest level of safety and driving comfort. The Burmester® Surround Sound
System provides remarkable sound and fully comes into its own in the
extremely quiet interior of the EQC. The ENERGIZING Package is also onboard.

ENERGIZING Comfort combines various systems in the car, thus

creating an optimal environment from the lighting mood and the fragrance and
ionization of the air to the seat ventilation to keep the user fresh and vitalized.
The ENERGIZING COACH feature uses data from the vehicle and surroundings
to recommend one of the ENERGIZING programs that fits the situation and the
individual. For example, aspects such as the traffic situation, weather and
length of the journey are included in the assessment. In addition, data that
provides information on the driver's current well-being can also be used. This
is made possible by networking with available Garmin® wearables (smart
watches/fitness trackers). Further optional extras such as electric adjustable
driver and front passenger seats with memory function round out the Edition

Charging: flexible and fast

Like every EQC, the EQC Edition 1886 has a water-cooled on-board charger
(OBC) with an output of 7.4 kW and is therefore ready for charging with
alternating current (AC) at home and at public charging stations. Charging at a
home wallbox (240v) is up to three times faster than at a domestic power
socket (110v). It is faster still with DC charging – which is standard for the
EQC, with a suitable market-specific plug. Depending on the SoC (status of
charge), the EQC can be charged with a maximum output of up to 110 kW at an
appropriate charging station.

Special remote and navigation services are also available for the EQC Edition 

1886, as is the digital charging service Mercedes me Charge, which gives
access to a number of public charging stations.

Technical data
Range (NEDC) 277 – 293 miles (445 – 471 km)*
Drive system 2 asynchronous motors, all-wheel
Output 402 hp
Peak torque 564 lb-ft
Top speed 112 mph (electronically limited)
Acceleration 0-60 mph 4.9 s est.
Battery Lithium-ion
Battery Capacity (NEDC) 80 kWh
Battery weight 1,437 lbs
Length / width (incl. mirrors) / height 187.4 in / 74.2 in (82.5 in) / 63.9 in
Track width (F/R) 64.0 in / 63.6 in
Wheelbase 113.1 in
* Electrical energy consumption and range have been determined on the basis of
Regulation (EC) No. 692/2008. Electrical energy consumption and range depend on the
vehicle configuration [esp. on the choice of the top speed limitation].
The EQC Edition 1886 will celebrate its World Premiere at the New York
International Auto Show and will go on sale in the U.S. in 2020.